Wednesday, June 27, 2012

EIGHT unbelievable months!!

So I just realized that with all the excitement of holidays, the end of school and surgeries I never did an official 7 month post, but you've gotten a little glimpse of our last months' action through the other posts. So 8 months it is! The last month has marked one of the greatest months of change in our house since the boys made their appearance.We are most definitely men on the move, especially Mylo. We're also chatterboxes, as in someone is talking all the time, especially Victor. We also love to snuggle and snuggle, especially Oscar. One of my favorite things about this last month is watching them get attached to little loveys (so cute seeing them snuggle up with them in their cribs) so their pictures of the month this month are of the boys with each of their new best friends. I hope you get a little bit of each of the boys personalities through the videos, but we've got a new phenomena that the camera is very interesting so I often get silent stares when I break it out. I guess they are just getting camera shy already!  

Oscar and his alien

In this last month Oscar has established himself as our morning person. Oscar was our silent observer for a long time and then one morning changed all that. Marty went in to get "Mylo" chattering away that day and realized when he got in their room it wasn't Mylo it was OSCAR-he had found his voice! He now wakes up telling stories and playing in his crib every morning and has the biggest grin when we go in to get him!Oscar has a goofy little quirk too. He has to do what we refer to as "up-downs" after every meal. He will do these happily anytime that you hold him standing, but if you try to lay him down after eating without giving him a chance to "up-down" he will not have any of it. Oscar also remains our biggest snuggle bug and cuddles right in when it is time to be rocked to sleep. 

Mylo and Rudy the Rabbit
Mylo spent the last month becoming the big man on campus (he's seriously a chunky monkey) and getting his moves on! This child can get pretty much anywhere he wants to go now by rolling mostly, but he can also army crawl, but only backwards. He also eats and eats and eats and eats. So far he's gobbled up anything we put in front of him except for peaches. He's not a fan of those, but Oscar loves them. Mylo is the most resistant to bed time, but once he's down if he wakes up he'll play himself back to sleep which is fun to watch and hear through the monitor. Mylo has a killer smile and the dimple and the super sparkly eyes that go with it will win over anyone who walks through the door. 

Victor and his snuggle bunny

Victor's last month, as you all know, was a very big month for him. He is now BAG FREE! and already so much more comfortable. Even with the scars still healing, I remember holding him in certain positions that would make him squirm and wince, and he doesn't at all anymore. We're so happy to have this chapter behind us and Victor, who has always been a very easy going little man is so much happier and has been giggling and telling stories non-stop since we got home from the hospital. It will be fun to see how he develops now that the bag isn't in his way. Victor loves to stretch out really tall and do "so bigs" and hopefully his new found intestines will also help him put on the weight to go with his tall stretches. We are still going to be watching his weight gain closely with his endocrinologist that works with his thyroid issues to be sure there is nothing residual, but we're hoping that the surgery will turn around his weight gain in a hurry! 

This last month has marked a lot of adventures for our boys. We've started really getting out and about and I get more and more confident each day about my ability to do so. We started with lots of walks and now that the boys have good enough head control for the joey seat in their triple stroller we get to use that and it makes getting out around the neighborhood a breeze!

Mylo riding in the "joey" seat

We've also started going to mommy baby yoga and can't wait to do more this summer. We end up doing a lot of observing, since it's a little chaotic with all three, but then when I get a little one on one time at home I know some of what I can do with them. 

Boys all geared up for yoga! 
We love just hanging out in the yard in the shade and playing in the fresh air, but have also had lots of fun going out and about and have fully enjoyed celebrating at our cousin's graduation party and two baby showers in the last month. This month we've also gone to grandma and grandpa's, gone to school with mommy, gone shopping at babies r us, and visited Auntie Jenny and Uncle Shane. I'm aware that none of these things would be notable if it was just one child, but believe me learning how to leave the house efficiently and actually accomplish the things that you would like when you do is a feat and we are proud to be finding our way out and about!

At a baby shower for one of mommy's yoga friends (6 mamas, 9 babies under a year and 1 on the way!)

Enjoying summer breezes!

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