Monday, June 18, 2012

Final bag change

So for those wondering what Victor has had to endure over the last few months I documented his final bag change. He has to go through this every three days or anytime the bag leaks. We've been lucky that most of the bags have survived the three days, but we've also had some very inopportune moments where we had to drop everything and change the bag. This little man is so very patient!

Waiting for all the supplies to be lined up...

Ready to go

Remove old bag with adhesive remover

Clean off skin OUCH!

The bath...

I like this part!

Burrito baby, all dried off!

A protective powder

is applied to the really raw spots.

A plastic skin barrier is applied.

More powder

Hold the new bag on with a heat pack for a minute

Tape around the edges

All Done! (Finally)
The next 24 hours will be very long, but Victor will feel so much better when he can move around without the bag and hopefully he'll grow more quickly, too since he'll be able to completely utilize his intestines to absorb nutrients. Wish us luck and send us healing thoughts! We'll be at the hospital by 7:30 and he'll be in surgery around 9am. Recovery can range from 3-10 days inpatient so I'll keep everyone updated as we continue our journey...

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  1. Oh, that seems like so much work! Thinking of you guys and Victor as he has his surgery. Hoping this improves things so much for all of you.