Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 2: The Waiting Game

So now that Victor is all hooked back up everything is determined by how fast his bowels wake up. This morning he was alert and fairly happy when he wasn't sleeping and he stopped getting the morphine if they can help it so that he doesn't have his bowels get slowed down right when they are learning to speed up! The only issue at this point was that Victor was HUNGRY and we still couldn't feed him.

As the afternoon wore on Victor has continued to get hungrier and hungrier and harder and harder to calm. Snuggles finally got him to rest, but only for so long. He'd wake up attacking whatever he could get his hands on to eat...nuk, blanket, his bunny's ears, mommy's fingers, whatever he could reach! Finally at about 9:00, they determined his bowel sounds sufficient to start giving him clear liquids! I put that 1st bottle in and thought here we have it this will let him rest. Of course, I didn't think about what happens to a child who normally gets 6oz of breast milk at every feeding and hasn't been allowed to eat for almost 2 days and then you only give them 2oz of pedialyte...when that bottle was gone we got to see all of Victor's true colors.

From left to right: What they let me eat; what I'm used to eating...meanies!

It was worse than before he ate, he had resigned himself to being hungry, but this 2oz of watery stuff was a horrible joke. "Where is the rest?" he yelled in true Victor form. Thankfully he only had to let that sit for a 1/2 hour or so before we could move on to larger quantities, still watery stuff, but enough to fill a tummy. Since then aside from waking up to get vitals and meds and more pedialyte he's been resting comfortably once again so hopefully tomorrow they will let him move on to breast milk and maybe just maybe he'll be  home by Friday or Saturday. 

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