Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Growing and Healthy!

So today I had my first official OB appointment and of course being the novelty that we are (all 4 of us) I got to get a glimpse at our little beaners again (I didn't know we were going to get to see them today so I didn't drag Marty to this one). They are truly growing away 2 of them measuring ahead and one of them (our little guy) measuring right on track so he's catching up! To which Marty replies, "Wow they must be smart, they're already measuring things...or maybe they're just really judgy." My husband is a dork, a big one! As for the babies, they are wiggling away and one of them is quite the acrobat already. I figure I'll have their little personalities all figured out by the time they get her if I get enough ultrasounds.

So here they are:

Friday, June 24, 2011

You want me to eat what?!

After hearing about Dr. Luke's book Expecting Twins, Triplets  or Quads for the hundredth time it was time to go out and get it, time to study up on this whole triplet business from a woman who knows what she's talking about. Her patients' triplets weigh in between 4 1/2-5 lbs on average, the national average is just over 3 lbs. I want those 5 pound babies so I will take her advice, much of it has to do with eating and eating a lot! So for the last two days I've eaten at least every 2-3 hours as she suggests and none of these were a couple of carrot stick kind of snacks we're talking about a full on meal or mini meal every couple of hours. It's a lot of eating and a lot to keep track of so I figured the first couple of days I would just eat what I could during all of these mini meals and meals and then when I got the hang of eating that often I would count up my calories and servings of protein, dairy, etc and see where I fell. Well, here's the list of food I ate today:

  •  salmon quiche with a brown rice crust
  •  watermelon 
  • 3 wasa crackers with cream cheese, salsa and cheese  
  •  granola bar 
  •  meat balls 
  •  cabbage salad 
  •  pluot 
  • graham crackers with peanut butter 
  •  cheese crackers 
  •  pot stickers 
  •  meat balls 
  •  peas 
  •  rice crackers 
  •  watermelon 
  •  orange 
  •  string cheese x 2
That adds up to a whopping 3,029 calories which I was proud of because I thought that 3,000 was my goal and I still haven't had my bedtime snack which I wasn't really feeling like I wanted anymore. Well, I looked back to the book's chapters on nutrition and realized those calorie counts were for women carrying twins...I'm supposed to get 4000 calories. So I guess I'm off to grab a bowl of ice cream and some more fruit before bed. I'll probably have to toss some walnuts and chocolate chips on top and it still won't be enough. Dr. Luke, I'm willing to listen, but I expect to get those 5 pound babies for all these efforts! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Babies' room and mama's belly...

The babies' room is officially cleaned out thanks to my awesome mother in law for helping me lug all the crap that was in my once office to be in my now combined sewing room and office. When Marty and I left the first ultrasound after finding out about the THREE little ones boarding in this belly we instantly said something to the effect of "how did we just outgrow both of our cars and our house in one ultrasound?" Since the news has settled in we've realized that we didn't outgrown anything we just have to learn to be less selfish with our space. No longer do I get an office, a sewing room, and an art we're learning to be smarter (and more selfless) with our space and making room for our rapidly growing family! So here's a peak in to the babies' room:
Jovian (in the corner) is not sure what to think of it all and she's really curious why that squeaky giraffe is way up high where she can't get it!

and a peak at the growing room the babies reside in now:

This is 9 weeks 4 days and I think I should make Marty my photographer from here on out; I just look confused! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

and we've still got THREE!!!

I'll post pics and such tomorrow (left the cable to connect my phone to the computer at school), but I wanted to post a quick update that we had an ultrasound today and all babies are doing exactly what they are supposed to, GROWING! Today I got to see them all wiggle and they all have strong heartbeats. The little guy is still little, so we're are supposed to be prepared for him/her to be there or not be there next time, just like we were told for this time, but my mother's instinct says s/he'll be just fine, small, but fine! I am finding it a little wrong that I got to see my empty uterus every 3 days during treatment and now that there's something I want to keep tabs on in there I only get every 2 weeks!

On a side note, school is just about out for the summer so I'm very excited to get to put my feet up and rest and have some time to prepare for our little world to be turned upside down!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So how are you feeling?

This is the question I answer about 100 times a day and I have to say I'm really, really lucky. I feel pretty good. I get a little queasy here and there and really bloated, but really I'm just tired. REALLY, REALLY tired! So the babies have definitely knocked me out, but I can't complain since I'm not hovering over a toilet, getting headaches, or dizzy spells and now, it's time to take Jovian for a quick walk so I can be in bed by 8:30...