Friday, June 24, 2011

You want me to eat what?!

After hearing about Dr. Luke's book Expecting Twins, Triplets  or Quads for the hundredth time it was time to go out and get it, time to study up on this whole triplet business from a woman who knows what she's talking about. Her patients' triplets weigh in between 4 1/2-5 lbs on average, the national average is just over 3 lbs. I want those 5 pound babies so I will take her advice, much of it has to do with eating and eating a lot! So for the last two days I've eaten at least every 2-3 hours as she suggests and none of these were a couple of carrot stick kind of snacks we're talking about a full on meal or mini meal every couple of hours. It's a lot of eating and a lot to keep track of so I figured the first couple of days I would just eat what I could during all of these mini meals and meals and then when I got the hang of eating that often I would count up my calories and servings of protein, dairy, etc and see where I fell. Well, here's the list of food I ate today:

  •  salmon quiche with a brown rice crust
  •  watermelon 
  • 3 wasa crackers with cream cheese, salsa and cheese  
  •  granola bar 
  •  meat balls 
  •  cabbage salad 
  •  pluot 
  • graham crackers with peanut butter 
  •  cheese crackers 
  •  pot stickers 
  •  meat balls 
  •  peas 
  •  rice crackers 
  •  watermelon 
  •  orange 
  •  string cheese x 2
That adds up to a whopping 3,029 calories which I was proud of because I thought that 3,000 was my goal and I still haven't had my bedtime snack which I wasn't really feeling like I wanted anymore. Well, I looked back to the book's chapters on nutrition and realized those calorie counts were for women carrying twins...I'm supposed to get 4000 calories. So I guess I'm off to grab a bowl of ice cream and some more fruit before bed. I'll probably have to toss some walnuts and chocolate chips on top and it still won't be enough. Dr. Luke, I'm willing to listen, but I expect to get those 5 pound babies for all these efforts! 

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