Tuesday, June 7, 2011

and we've still got THREE!!!

I'll post pics and such tomorrow (left the cable to connect my phone to the computer at school), but I wanted to post a quick update that we had an ultrasound today and all babies are doing exactly what they are supposed to, GROWING! Today I got to see them all wiggle and they all have strong heartbeats. The little guy is still little, so we're are supposed to be prepared for him/her to be there or not be there next time, just like we were told for this time, but my mother's instinct says s/he'll be just fine, small, but fine! I am finding it a little wrong that I got to see my empty uterus every 3 days during treatment and now that there's something I want to keep tabs on in there I only get every 2 weeks!

On a side note, school is just about out for the summer so I'm very excited to get to put my feet up and rest and have some time to prepare for our little world to be turned upside down!

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