Saturday, June 23, 2012

Resting and ready!

Photo: Brothers come to visit!
Oscar and Mylo come for a visit (and grandpa and grandma , too!)

Our extra day proved to be just what we needed. As the day went on Victor's eating continued to improve and stooling has followed which means we're back down to a more normal waist measurement and our belly isn't hard as a rock. Yesterday we had some very long, restful naps (both Victor and MOM!) and then our brothers came to visit! We also had a visit from our primary nurse Katie from the ICC and she certainly brightened our day! Oscar and Mylo got to take a walk down to see her and nurse Christine when they got here, too so everyone got to show off how big and strong they are getting!

This morning Victor's tummy is much softer and smaller so the rounding surgeon has said that we can be on our way! I asked a million questions and was nervous about leaving after having our first discharge derailed, but Victor told mommy in his Victor way not to worry and that he's very ready. I went down to grab some breakfast when he had nodded off, thinking he was down for his morning nap and when I returned he had wriggled himself down to the end of the crib with all of his toys and he was playing and laughing! Anyone that happy doesn't need to be in a hospital anymore, so the doctors and Victor are right, it's time to go. He's taking a nap now and we're waiting for paperwork to be done, but by noon or one we should be on our way. Good bye Children's! We're so very grateful for the wonderful care we've had for our health and the support we've had for our hearts on this very long journey, but we're ready to be on our way for good. Next time we're back, it will just be for a visit!

I can't help but share one last video of our time at Children's, Victor was a little wound up at bedtime after his brothers left last night:


  1. Loved to hear him talking. So cute! You are amazing, Ariane! I'm not sure how you're doing it all but you are proving again and again that this is exactly where you were destined to be. We hope to visit this summer for some fun at the Zoo, perhaps?

    1. Can't wait for a visit! I've been thinking of trying to do an EC day trip also. I figure it will be a good practice road trip before attempting to get them all the way home to my parents! Maybe I'll grab Mel and Sara O. too...I've got just enough room in the van for one more car seat and 2 more adults! Go, go minivan mamas!