Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A successful surgery

As we started our morning we thought it would be a very long start to the day as our sweet Victor was not very happy that his brothers were being fed and he was not. With some good grandma snuggles while mom and dad got all set to go, he settled in ok and was able to sleep for most of the ride to the hospital and was pretty good natured while we got him set to go. Even made some of his signature Victor banter with his admitting nurse! He really is such a trooper. He was taken back to surgery around 8:30 this morning and we were getting updates hourly and all progressed exactly as it was expected, if not better. The inguinal hernias were repaired in the first hour and the iliostomy take down was done next. Dr. Kreykes updated us around noon that everything had gone wonderfully and the intestines were in even better shape that expected so the hook up was very straightforward. 

Speaking of Dr. Kreykes, we must give a big shout out to our friend Sarah, his wife, who is being induced with their 3rd little one tomorrow and was given strict instructions to keep that baby in until after Victor's surgery so that he could be here and she pulled it off. It certainly would have stressed this mama out to have a change in surgeons at the last minute so we are very happy that  no changes had to be made. Can't wait to hear that their sweet gal has entered the world healthy and happy-maybe she'll be Victor's prom date one day! 

The rest of the day progressed without much news he has been resting comfortably most of the time. He's fairly well sedated, but when he is disturbed for cares and vitals he definitely let's us know he's uncomfortable with a very sad cry that's horse from the intubation. I'm having flashbacks to the NICU where I had to comfort my dears without picking them up. He can be held, but I can't imagine it would be very comfortable with all of his tummy scars so I realize that it would be more for me than him and will wait for him to be really ready for snuggles.   

If all goes well we'll start seeing stool in the next day or two and then he can begin eating and, if stooling continues to go well, it will be a day or two after that to go home. So we're hoping for 5 days. Keep sending those healing vibes, our sweet boy and his mom and dad are grateful! 

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