Friday, June 15, 2012

Victor's Big Week

As most of you know, our sweet Victor wasn't quite done with his hospital stays when he came home in February. The surgery that he had when he was 9 days old would need to be reversed at some point. Well, some point is here and in the end it will be very, very good to have this behind us as it is the end of the road for our boys remaining preemie-isms and when we are done we shouldn't have any reason to see the inside of a hospital (until they start climbing trees and jumping off monkey bars). Today he completed the 2nd of his pre-op appointments so that we can relax for the weekend and gear up for what will most likely be a very long week. He is already such a strong little man and even through what seemed like an eternal blood draw he just held on tight and looked at me after the initial prick and barely shed a tear (can't say the same for mama, but you know how that goes). The picture above just breaks my heart. After the blood draws he held his hand like that with that "how could you let them do that mama" expression on his face for a good 5 or 10 minutes. I wish I could have told him that there weren't any more owwies like that in his future, but something tells me next week will bring more than we wish for, but when it is all said and done, Victor will be ostomy bag free and we will hopefully get to walk away from Children's for a very, very long time! I'll try to keep the blog up to date next week with his progress and as always we are so very grateful for all the good thoughts, prayers, intentions or whatever your beliefs might offer to bring our Victor a safe and quick recovery. 

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  1. Oh, Ariane, I'm sorry Victor has to have one more surgery - but glad he's almost done with the hospital for life! Good luck next week!