Sunday, July 15, 2012

I never said it was easy...

I realize when I write the monthly posts that I talk about all the good things going on in our world, but I have to write at least one post that admits that it is hard to have triplets. Don't get me wrong, we wouldn't trade the insanity for the world, but to all of those we run into when we are out and about who say "you have  your hands full" or "how do you do it? or "I can't imagine" the replies to those thoughts are "yes, we do," "we just do," and "no you can't imagine"respectively. There are nights when our house sounds like this:

We recover fairly quickly though and it doesn't take too long to get this:
Luckily that 10 second clip (and it was only 10 seconds, because we don't leave them to cry like that-just so everyone knows!) is pretty rare and our boys are generally very happy, but man when you are on your own on a night when they've gotten overtired like that it's hard to know if you'll ever get to your own bed, but eventually you do and you wake up to their smiles in the morning and know that you'll do it all over a million times just to say good morning to those sweet faces! This week has marked the beginning of teething (Victor and Mylo) and our first ear infection (poor Victor can't catch a break) but between the pain we've managed to have a little fun, too.

We love to eat so far pretty much anything! 

We've started to really check each other out !

Victor with our dear friend Renae! 

Our first pool party at the Brekkens-holding hands just in case daddy doesn't hold on tight!

Crashed out after a hard day at the garden center

and I couldn't leave you with my sweet boys tears in your ears so here's a much more enjoyable video from dinner time .

so like I said I will never call having triplets easy, it is the best job I could ever ask for.

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  1. Lovely pictures!! I can tell you that the crying gets even louder. But the fun gets more fun. It's a pretty sweet trade-off. Most days :P