Sunday, January 13, 2013

A long time coming...

I know, I know it's been too long! Don't worry those 3 crying babies in my last post did not defeat us, this last 6 months have been incredible and amazing as our boys are turning into just that little boys faster than we can take a breath! When I look back at my blogging history I laugh, because it fits perfectly:

We found out we were pregnant--blogging weekly--still normal, active, me
Bed Rest--blogging daily--bored nothing to do
Babies are here--weekly--stuck in the hospital with a lot of time on our hands, but running from room to room 
Babies come home--monthly--breastfeeding and laundry consumed much of the blogging time
Babies start crawling/walking--barely ever--chasing has taken over all other activity in the house and in between the chasing there's the feeding, cleaning and laundry, but let me tell you the chasing is delightful!!

So here I am, staying up late just to blog, because I know, I know it's been too long!

The boys (that's what you're here for right) are one day shy of being 1 year adjusted (14 1/2 months actual) which means in 1 day was their due date and you probably recall we didn't quite get there, but you would barely even know! They are incredible, resilient little 1 year olds and are really coming along like any other baby even with the 12 weeks they missed out on or gained depending on how you look at it.

Victor is an incredibly bright light in our house. You can see his smiles right down to his toes (which he absolutely loves by the way-practically impossible to put a diaper on a kid who won't let go of his feet).Victor is still lagging a bit working to catch up from the growth restriction from the beginning and is a couple of months behind developmentally, but is progressing so the doctors and birth to three specialists have no concerns about long term delays at this point.  This little man will eat anything in sight and I laugh when I think back to the doctors thinking he may go home with a g-tube and long term feeding challenges--my 2 lber is now our biggest baby and is without a doubt a very good eater! Thanks goodness we held out for a surgery free nutrition plan as he certainly proved himself completely capable of growing...Speaking of surgery we do have one more coming up for our little man. In the end of March, Victor will be having a muscle correction surgery for his crossing eyes. We've been patching them daily for some time now with no real correction so it's time to take a more invasive approach so his vision doesn't become affected by the muscle issues. Here's a little Victor in action, since I left you with 3 crying babies back in July, today I'll share some laughter:

Oscar is our great imitator; he learns all the tricks first! He can be "so big," patty cake, touch his nose, high five and wave good bye and even coughs if a brother does. Funny I can't help but think Karma has something to do with that since one of my biggest teacher pet peeves is when a kindergartner has a cough and every time they do the whole class starts...oh well when your 1 (and mine it's pretty funny). He chatters all the time and I'm pretty sure he has mama and dada down as actual words but he also calls Jovian, and his breakfast that so I could be wrong! He does however say "num, num" when he like what he has been given to eat. Unfortunately, though, not all foods are "num, nums" according to Oscar though and you may just find what you've put in coming right back out in a most dramatic fashion. He definitely has the most discerning pallet of the house. Oscar is our wall walker, he can crawl anywhere he wants, but prefers to get there on 2 feet as long as there is something to hold onto. He could easily let go, but he is cautious about his movement and doesn't think he's quite there yet. Oscar is also our thinker and likes the little detailed toys like stackers and shape sorters and figuring out how it all works and watching him play with these, we believe may have revealed a lefty in our trio! Here's Oscar doing his tricks:

Mylo may be the youngest and the smallest, but he is BIG in every other way! He walks big, talks loud and bowls through anything (or anyone) in the way. When he tells a story he has plenty so say and we are all trying to figure out who he thinks he sounds like, because his voice is all around hilarious when he tucks his chin down and gets all serious telling the whole world what is up. Mylo is a man on the move and is walking, no wait, running anywhere he can. He will turn just about any toy in the house upside down on his way through and is officially climbing up things as well...this I must say I'm not ready for. Even on ground level, the child is one big bruise some days so the idea of him finding higher ground to fall from terrifies me. Mylo is also my big snuggler though. Don't even think about putting him down for a few minutes after getting up from a nap or bed in the morning, he has a designated snuggle time that cannot be cut short or he will let you know  it was not yet time to get down in no uncertain terms! Mylo the climber:

Our house is definitely getting busier by the minute, but we are having loads of fun watching our babies become toddlers. This last few months have flown by. We've had our follow up clinic with the NICU where they were thoroughly impressed by how healthy and smart our little 28 weekers have become. We had to have a head ultrasound for Victor to be sure the continued large size of it wasn't anything to be concerned about and he was diagnosed with a "big head" pretty funny that we had to get a look inside for that, but it was good to be reassured that there are no continued issues with the small bleeds he had when he was little. We survived our first 2 rounds of colds. One (over Thanksgiving) hit Victor pretty hard and led to nebulizers and steroids to get him breathing well again. The other (after Christmas) hit Oscar even worse and turned into pneumonia so we spent a night at Children's for that. We are holding our breath that this yucky flu going around doesn't find us, too and would like to remind everyone that in many houses it's not "just a cold" or "just the flu" so be thoughtful where you bring your runny noses and coughs because, even if we didn't have residual lung issues from prematurity, 3 sick little ones who are too small to tell you what hurts is a HUGE and EXHAUSTING challenge! 

At the moment, though, we are all healthy and very, very entertaining...

 Here's a little triple the fun dinner conversation:

and a little early morning play time:

I hope this gave you all your triple fix since it may be another six months, but I would like to keep it up better and hope that I find time between the chasing and the laundry to share our adventures over another incredible year! I actually have a few thoughts on what this adjusted birthday means to us so you may just get a post tomorrow if I can get them together...

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