Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mama ducks impress me

I couldn't help but begin by sharing the Kokes family's funniest home video to date which is a result of getting up a little too early when you don't get a morning nap. It seems we are going through lots of new transitions so I thought it was time to update! As I said the boys have given up their morning nap (as long as they don't crash out in their snack) and most of their bottles (just the bed time one left now) so we are getting to spend a lot more time playing and enjoying them during the day and getting out is a lot easier when we don't have to squeeze it between naps and figure out how to store and warm the milk up. That meant time for a trip to the aquarium! They loved it, but they also wanted to get up close and personal (aka face on the glass that every other child in the greater metro area has had their hands -or mouths-on too) which of course means Mylo started puking 48 hours later...and then grandma, and then mom and then dad-yuck! Luckily Oscar and Victor got a little under the weather but never seemed to get the full brunt of it. We were very grateful that the adults got it in shifts so there were healthyish people to care for the boys at all times. This was one of those times where I had immense respect for single parents-can't imagine having had to care for my children while I was down!

Victor and Daddy checking out the fishies! 

Mommy and Mylo checking out the fishies...and catching the stomach flu?!
We've also gotten out to run not one but 2 errands in a row. I remember times this summer when I needed to get a few things done out and about and we could be packing up 2 or 3 times just so we could be home for naps or arranging our time out around naps so that we could sleep in the car for the right amount of time. (which yes, occasionally meant sitting with the car running, drinking a cup of Caribou and listening to NPR in a parking lot for an hour) and as green as I try to be I will never consider anything that gets my boys to sleep at the right time all at once to be a waste of gas. Thankfully though, we now have a whole morning to get out and about when we need to. That said, this is where mama ducks came to mind. You see we have a detached garage and now that we have outgrown our bucket seats (I miss them sooo much, but I'm learning)  we have to get three babies from the house, through the back yard without falling down concrete stairs on either side, stopping to get soaked in the snow, getting into who knows what in the garage between the door and the car door, you get the picture and this is with only 2 mobile...what is going to happen when Victor is on the move, too?! What I've realized is it is virtually impossible at their current rate of development to do this without there being a baby left in the car alone in the garage-however brief, it will never feel right. At any rate, I'm working on our new system and it starts with studying mama ducks, how is it that they are so awe inspiring that their ducklings waddle behind them in that straight little line?  I'm pretty convinced getting all three of my boys out of the bathroom after a bath is an accomplishment so the day I can get them to waddle to the garage without getting distracted I will be celebrating (probably with a cocktail, because I will have earned it!)

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  1. hi this is chelsey cindy's nephew's wife and I feel ya on the catching sicknesses at the aquarium. We took my 7 month old Sullivan there a couple weeks ago and he caught a bug and the doctors said it developed into RSV, we ended up doing the albueterol inhaler and prednisone. So we feel ya on it was fun, but not so sure it was worth the sickness. Your little guys are adorable and I love reading about them. We are praying for Vitor's recovery from his eye surgery.