Monday, September 12, 2011


Ahhh, It's good to be home! My own bed is a much better place to be stuck than a hospital one...still not exactly how I would choose to spend the gorgeous last days of summer, but if my choices are this or the hospital, I'll take this any day.

I can't believe the number of calls, texts and e-mails from people just checking in and making sure we're all doing alright and wanting to help in whatever way possible. I'm so very grateful for the amazing people in my life and it often brings tears to my eyes to listen to or read these messages. We've got so many wonderful close friends and family that will keep us sane through this journey and we couldn't be more thankful for all of them. This, of course, I could've expected because I already  know my friends and family are awesome! The even more amazing part of this are people who barely know us offering encouragement and support. Some simply have found us through this blog, some are in the North Side Moms of Multiples Group where I've attended just one meeting, some have found me through online forums, but the common denominator is the support that they are offering.

I can't imagine not having this little cheering section in the real and online world as I'm sure it will get me through the many more weeks of waiting. Funny enough, after I wrote my post about contractions, I had messages asking me if I was worried that we were going to have the babies then and there and, you know, I never once worried about them entering the world this early. I just knew that all the good thoughts coming our way from so very many people were surrounding us as we sat there on the monitor. I don't expect this final part of our road to parenthood to be easy, but I know, in my heart of hearts, that these babies will get here safe and sound and not for at least another 6 weeks (but I'm counting on 10)!

P.S.  For our local friends who've been offering to bring meals we'd certainly be grateful and my friend Patti has set up a meal calendar for us at You do need an invite to view our meal registry since it contains our address so let me know if you didn't get an e-mail from her since I've always been horrible at keeping contacts organized and I'm sure there are friends who would like to help who I missed giving her contact information for.

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