Sunday, September 25, 2011

BIG milestone!

Yesterday was 24 weeks or in terms of pregnancy: Viability week! That means these babies would have a fighting chance if they decided to make their debut. Of course their mama is very stubborn and they aren't allowed out until they are way past viable, but still it is the first big milestone and will let me breathe just a little easier.

We had an appointment on Friday and it went great. All of my measurements are looking better from hospital stay and the babies are still growing away. It's getting harder to catch them on the ultrasounds since they are moving around so much and when you get a good look at what they want suddenly in comes a foot or an arm from a brother. Once they finally found all of the necessary measurements and added it all up we still have three healthy, big boys! Babies A and C each measure 1 lb 6 oz and Baby B measures 1 lb 5 oz so that put them all at 24 weeks 2 days which is 4 days ahead of schedule and there's no one stealing all the good food I've been giving them from his brothers.  All around good news!

The latest photos of the little buggers (Baby A decided to be difficult and was pretty much facing my back the entire ultrasound, so they got all the measurements we needed but no good photos for the blog):

Baby B's Hand

Baby C's leg and foot

Baby C's profile

and mama:

One other little note to all our friends and family who plan to meet our little guys when I do let them out to see the world. They are quite likely going to be high risk and arrive in the middle of flu season which means those who want to get a little newborn snuggle in should make sure they get their flu shot this year or wait a couple of months to come and meet our boys. I know vaccines are controversial to some and I totally understand that stance, but these little guys could be quite vulnerable so you'll all have to let this mama have the final say on this argument this year. 


  1. Happy viability Ariane! I'm sure it's a relief, although I have no doubt there are many many good weeks left in you. :)

    It was so great seeing you and Marty, and I hope you continue to feel well. :)

  2. LOVE all of the pictures Ariane and your tummy is soooo cute! Oh and I like the shout out to the future visitors too. ;)

  3. You are doing so well and we are all so happy for you and the littles!

  4. Good for you for taking a stand. RSV and premies can be a recipe for another NICU stay - or worse. We also kept a bottle of hand sanitizer in the nursery, and ALL of our guests (and ourselves) had to use a liberal amount before they were allowed near the babies. People with colds were told to come another time, as were those with small children. I found everyone to be very understanding, and our triplets stayed cold-free until July!

    Congrats for making it to 24 weeks :) You're doing AWESOME!!!
    Sandra - from Alphabet Soup.

  5. You and the boys look wonderful! Keep up the good work, mama!

  6. Thanks for all the positive thoughts!

    and Leah-It was great to see you and the family the other day! Your kiddos are just beautiful and I loved K's "bark"!