Saturday, September 10, 2011

22 weeks and hanging on!

Hello from Labor and Delivery visit number one and hopefully this will be the only stop here before November or even better December. I thought I did a great job on Day One of bed rest on Thursday, but babies had different ideas and I started having contractions 5-10 minutes apart which brought me to the Maternal Assessment Center where we got to monitor everyone for a while. The doctors ended up deciding to admit me, have me on magnesium to slow down the contractions and put in a cerclage so that we can keep everything shut nice and tight until babies have been in there longer. The magnesium was no fun and I was one sick mama overnight Thursday night, but once we got that reduced down to a minimum I was doing better and ready for my cerclage procedure. There is a part of me that appreciates that I got to have it done since I know a little more what to expect from the spinal block that I'll have with the c-section farther down the road as well. I'm now off the mag and haven't started contracting any more which is a good sign so hopefully I'll get to go back to bed rest at home tomorrow.

I'll leave you with my 22 week belly, this time from up above, the best I can do in the hospital bed!


  1. Your belly still looks adorable from up above! <3 I hope that cerclage keeps those babies in there nice and tight for many months! XOXO

  2. The view from the top is so cute Ariane!