Saturday, September 17, 2011

23 Weeks!

For some reason yesterday, I thought today was going to be 24 weeks...apparently one week in bed feels like 2 weeks in real time, oh well, 23 it is and every week is a week closer to healthy babies! So what exactly is a day in the life of bed rest like? I've kind of tried to come up with a bit of a schedule so the time passes quickly:

8:00-wake up and eat a granola bar and fruit in bed
8:15-9:30 catch up on e-mails, facebook, online forums, watch a little tv
9:30-10:00 breakfast number 2: hard boiled egg, toast, fruit and protein shake
10:00 SHOWER! this is very exciting since I get to be on my feet for 15 consecutive minutes and it is truly when my whole body feels its best and afterwards I do get dressed in real clothes (or at least more real than what I wear overnight)
10:15-12:00 settle back into bed a read until I fall asleep-nap time usually goes until about noon
12:00-lunch: some leftovers or a frozen meal and a salad. (something that can be made in no more than 5 minutes standing
12:00-3:00 switch to our couch/recliner eat lunch and watch a movie (here's where I plan to also make some art, crochet or something interesting, but I'm waiting on supplies I ordered)
3:00 snack: crackers and cheese/hummus/tapenade or something of the like and more fruit (fresh fruit is critical to keeping things moving when you are pregnant and sedentary if you know what I mean)
3:00-5:30ish-back to bed, more reading and maybe a little computer time (sometimes another nap)
5:30-Marty gets home and either makes dinner or comes and hangs out in bed with me until visitors arrive, this week there has been someone here every night except for last night, which really makes the time go faster! So thank you to the visitors!
6:00 or so I make the move to the couch to eat dinner/catch up with visitors or watch TV with Marty. Thank goodness it's about time for fall premiers, new TV sounds like a dream this year which I have to laugh at since, in my old life, I was so busy that I often didn't get to catch the shows I like until a yucky day on Winter break where I would sit and watch them all back to back! Something tells me that the new new life (the one after babies) will be quite similar, so I'll enjoy being up to date on this little aspect of pop culture while it lasts!
10:00ish-back to bed and check in on e-mails and such before sleeping for the night (sometimes I'm amazed that I'm actually tired and ready

So that's a day in the life of this bed rester! It's really not so bad aside from the sore back since I just keep reminding myself that every day we get through is another day closer to healthy babies. Most of my old life I've been able to leave behind without a second thought, since this life is for my babies, but there are certainly things I miss, but that's a whole other post!

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