Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Timing and finding the time

I think one of the things that people don't understand about fertility treatment is how important the timing of it all is, and how much of that timing is dictated by your body---you can load it up with all the drugs you want but in the end, your body will decide what's going on and when and it all really comes down to one 24 hour period when the egg (or in our case eggs) is released. The first cycle of all this, the idea of appointments every 3 days and changing medications and dosages based on daily blood draws is overwhelming, but then it just becomes part of the routine. The first time I was so stressed about how it was going to all work with my job and the rest of  my life, but I've learned "it is what it is" just like any other medical condition. My body is going to dictate what comes next and, if it so happens that any of this falls on an inopportune day, I'll just work around it and sometimes that means help and support from family, friends, and coworkers.

The main thing that I've learned is when you tell people what you are going through, they are very accommodating and I haven't had a single person frustrated with me because of a changed commitment. The only thing that has changed in our life since some people at work and most of my friends know what is going on, is that we have a bigger cheering section. We often think of fertility as such a taboo subject, but so far I haven't seen anyone squirm when I talk about it, but I certainly have seen people care. I guess that just goes to show the amazing people that I have in my life.

Now for timing this time around, we are days away from our IUI and according to my bloodwork and ultrasound this morning we're looking at somewhere between Friday and Sunday (again we have no say over this, changing medications will only dictate so much), the specific day will be determined by my body. So Friday night we have a show, Saturday night I close the store I work at, and Sunday is Easter...I guess this is going to have to be one of those times where people are just understanding and accommodating, and I have to trust that it will work out exactly as my body planned it. Stay tuned: official release date TBD on Thursday...

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  1. This is the part that brings suspense and excitement... just think of it as what it may be like when the day arrives for delivery. You may have a projected date but your body may have other things in mind. It goes back to that first post of planning and waiting for the "NOW" moment. Can't wait to hear when the official date of the IUI is and here's hoping it all works out this cycle and an Easter egg(s) will be fertilized for a little snowflake(s)!