Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Easter Egg

First of all, the cysts are gone! It was a huge relief as he typed left ovary-quiet, right ovary-quiet on the screen this morning. I was very nervous that we'd be told 3 more weeks on birth control, but that is not the case. So the cycle has officially begun and we're trying to slow my body down a little bit this time so Dr. P. says he's going to be a bit edgy and follow the lead of some European researchers that are splitting vials of menopur in half and giving it over 2 days. It's funny, he always asks me if I'm on board or what I think, which is a very nice courtesy, but really I'm just going to have to defer to his wisdom on this--I just haven't spent my life measuring uterine linings and egg development so I really think I'll leave that up to the professionals and just do what they tell me. At any rate, with a little bit of a slower approach as the goal, our estimated IUI day is over Easter weekend...seems like the perfect time to create the perfect egg! (or eggs as it may be...)

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