Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm writing a blog about blogging today. I only started this blog a couple of weeks ago after my acupuncturist suggested doing some reflective writing about this journey, since I'm a better typist than hand writer, I decided on the blog format, and I'm so glad I did.There's something about writing knowing that others will read it that makes you contemplate your words in a whole new way; even if I've kept my followers very limited, I still know my words may affect someone else. I also didn't think I'd have much to say since every time I tried to start something written in my life I've ended up doodling and at a loss for words. It's rather hard to doodle on the blogger screen so I'm stuck with words and trying to find them and, you may have noticed, I did find my words and each time I look at a post I can't believe that I had that much to say. When I sit down I usually feel like I don't have anything to write at first and just before I close up my computer to come back to it another time a word will pop into my head which turns into sentences and paragraphs.

I love that I've written these words down. As I look forward to our final fertility treatment for a while or forever, I've sat and read the entire blog this morning and it makes me proud. This is a story I want to share, this is a story that shows my strength and my resolve, and this is a story that our future children can one day read (don't worry I won't traumatize them with all this info in their freaky teen years) and know how very, very loved and wanted they are. This is also a story that brings me hope, I know our journey to children regardless of how they come into our lives, will eventually bare fruit. This is a journey that has a happy ending, we just don't know what it is yet. 

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