Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Monkey Mind

A couple of my yoga teachers have referred to calming the monkey mind throughout my years of practice and, let me tell you, there is no monkey mind like that you have the week after you find out you'll be having THREE babies. On any given moment, my mind runs from what kind of car we need, to will the little room that was to be the nursery actually fit three cribs, to will I be able to work enough days to keep my insurance next year, to will we be able to afford life after babies no matter how much we work, to how on earth do I breastfeed three babies or even keep up with their laundry! This is certainly the bounciest mind I've had in all my life and all I have to say is thank goodness that triplets also bring on an exhaustion that I could never fully explain to anyone, because if they didn't make me tired I would never sleep!  I truly have a new understanding of the monkey mind and am certainly going to need a lot of yoga to keep it calm over the next few months!

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