Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I cheated...

No, I know you were all getting excited thinking I cheated and took a test early, but nope still don't know if we're knocked up. I cheated on my own rule: No purchasing for the little one until the little one is on the way. Well, I had already cheated on this rule a little bit before since I couldn't help but buy the book On the Day You Were Born when author, Debra Frasier, was doing a visit at our school. Of course little Kokes deserved a signed copy so we have that already, but this weekend I was at an estate sale and the first thing sitting on the table when I walked in was a 1940s metal doll house with the complete set of furniture just like my mom had and I followed the rule and I walked away and then all day I spent the day kicking myself thinking that it was just too special to pass up. When I got home from work Saturday night, I couldn't help but do a little internet searching and found that not only was it special it was valuable---this house that was selling for $90 at the estate sale sells for $200-300 on eBay. So I went back Sunday morning and the house wasn't sitting inside the door. I was certain I'd missed it, but just as I turned around to leave, I saw it peeking out from under the edge of another table and asked if it was sold and they said no they had just sold the table it had been sitting on so it didn't have a home. Well, it does now! (and it was 30% off day so I got an even better deal) It'll be a while before our future little Kokes is able to play with it, but I can't wait!


  1. I totally thought you cheated and took a hpt. LOL I was so happy to read that was not the case because I love it that you cheated instead on a purchase for the future baby Kokes! I think sometimes making purchases on little things such as this makes it easier to deal with the stress of being "fertilly challenged." This little doll house is adorable and how awesome that it was still there the next day, this was meant to belong in the Kokes family home. Even better that you scored such an amazing deal on it too. This will be a family treasure for years to come! :)

  2. found you via blog hopping....I can surely relate to some of your struggle and hope you are in the short rows!

  3. Kristen-Thanks for your sweet thoughts! What a beautiful family you have!
    Erin-Thanks for all the wonderful comments, you are an inspiration girly!