Saturday, May 28, 2011

Big news gets bigger!

My intention was to spend the last few weeks doing a short daily chronical of our lives with a pregnancy or adoption, but half way through my post that I was adding to and saving each day the post I was working on just disappeared....grrrrr. So here is an abridged  version of how the last 3 weeks have turned our world upside down!

Friday, May 6th: Two pink lines and, after a doctor's visit and some high hormone levels, a warning that there may just be more than one in there!

On Sunday, May 8th we celebrated mother's day by sharing our big news with the grandparents and other family members, let's just say our little ones will be quite loved!

Saturday, May 15th: 5weeks pregnant and already contemplating how not to share this belly with the world quite yet...something is definitely up, people don't have to work to hide their pregnancies at 5 weeks!

Monday, May  23rd: We find out exactly what is up. TRIPLETS, yes you read that right, these are the photos of our sweet triplets. First up all three, each dark shadow is a separate gestational sac (this means none of them are identical) and I can guarantee none of them will have names that start with the same letter or rhyme either! Why would a mother do that to herself?!

Baby number 1, our tiny friend in the middle. This one is measuring markedly smaller and they are watching to make sure s/he doesn't get overrun by her/his bigger siblings: 

Baby number 2, hiding in the corner. This one was hiding out it took awhile to find the heartbeat guess s/he's already trying to escape his/her brothers/sisters:
 Baby number 3,This one was big and bold and easy to find:

Most importantly, though, they all have little beating heartbeats! So here we go, our family is going to grow in a hurry as long as we can get them all here safely. We'll take whatever thoughts, prayers, intentions, good vibes, ohms you might be sending out to keep babies and mama safe for the next 8ish months. This is going to be quite a ride! 

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