Sunday, October 27, 2013

growing, groWING, GROWING

As we are fully getting back into the swing of things with the new school year and new routines, I finally have a minute to look back and share our fabulous summer adventures with you all! We truly enjoyed every minute of it, well maybe not the minutes at 2 and 3 and 4 am where somebody's new eye teeth and molars were entering this world for a large portion of the summer, we didn't enjoy so much! But as long as I was able to get fully caffienated to start the day we had pretty amazing daylight hours! We spent a lot of time this summer learning how to get out of our stroller and play in new places without giving mom too many heart attacks along the way. We have had a blast exploring and my motto for the summer is "we can always pack up and go home!" So most days we tried to have at least one adventure, sometimes it's just to a local park, which the boys are getting really good at and my only rule now is no tunnels so aside from that, the boys have pretty much free reign on the equipment and scary as it is actually do pretty well. One of my favorite (and scariest) quotes from one of the docs at our clinic when I said I was surprised how busy it was at urgent care hours on a summer Saturday morning "well, you know, flu season gives way to monkey bar season." I'm grateful that we weren't hit with any accidents and am so amazed at how strong and flexible and healthy my little 2 pound babies have become! Well in all these adventures my favorite ones start in one place, home. I love watching the boys navigate the world of sharing, eating, climbing, talking and walking right in our own back yard. They are learning new things everyday and we are extremely lucky to have such healthy little boys growing and thriving after their rough beginnings.
All Great adventures begin in your own back yard with balls, 


 and sprinklers and lots lots more!

We've also ventured out a lot to discover the great places our city has to offer and we've explored and have spent time at the library, the aquarium, lots and lots of parks, family yoga class, the zoo, local restaurants and many other fun new adventures. We went to our first wedding for Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jessica  and we also spent a week of summer in Southern Wisconsin visiting my hometown and my parent's farm and meeting lots of family and friends for the first time. I could share a million pictures, but I'll stick to our week away, we had lots of fun!
dressed up for Uncle Kevin's wedding

teaching our friend Jenny and her BG how to corral triplets at the zoo


at granpma's place

chillin' at the farm

and eating at the Unique. 

As we've settled into the fall routine we've  been having a blast getting out in our littls red wagon shopping going to parks, watching mommy in a race and our first pumpkin patch experience. The boys loved the free space to run and run and we really loved the animals. Especially Victor!

At home with our pumkin stash!

I'm one incredibly lucky mama. These boys are growing into such amazing little humans with personalities that delight your soul, melt your heart, drive you crazy with worry, and yes, madden you to no end, but in the end the thing they do best is bring an amazing love of each other into our family. I can't imagine that I could love them anymore, but each day I do. They are incredible!

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