Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oscar's Summer Saga

So I keep meaning to get our summer fun post up about all of our incredible adventures this summer, but we're too busy having the adventures to stop and write about them! It's coming, I promise. In the meantime, I did want to update about Oscar's procedure so all who were sending their healing thoughts our way could know that he is doing well.

Without going into too many embarrassing details about Oscar's nether regions I'll share a little of the back story that led up to surgery this week. About a month ago Oscar began having trouble urinating and a lot of discomfort in doing so so we headed to the pediatrician and with a little bit of irritation on the skin we decided to treat it as a yeast infection and that cleared up any exterior irritation, but didn't make him any more comfortable, so one morning as we were getting ready to get into the car for Victor's PT I went to change Oscar's diaper and there was blood in it. Not much, in fact only a drop, but there shouldn't be any so I freaked out a bit, but since we were headed out the door any way I just packed everyone up as I called the ped to see what to do about this come to them, head to the ER, make an appointment for later that day. He said usually blood is just a UTI so to go to Victor's PT and then swing by right after so this is what we did. Thinking that we were just going to go in and get an antibiotics script and be on our way I was not worried at all until the doc and I started talking details and we decided this was probably not a UTI and it would be better seen by a urologist. Thankfully we already had one established from Oscar's earlier hernia repairs so it was easy to get in quickly. Basically Oscar had skin growing that was narrowing the opening so it was very difficult to go and he had to have a procedure called a meatoplasty to repair it. Typically the timing on this can be anytime that it's convenient, but if we either saw more blood or it seemed that he was in more pain than just the discomfort he had been experiencing we'd have to get in more quickly.

This Tuesday he woke up in the middle of the night in obvious pain and there was blood so we ended up in the ER, had a nightmare of an ER doc that sent us packing with virtually no help and we found out later he hadn't even contacted our surgeon's on call line to connect about the issue. Long story, short when we talked to the urologist in the morning it was clear that we needed the surgery ASAP and got everything scheduled for Thursday.

surgery morning freezie pop breakfast...

It was a whirlwind of a day since the only appointment available at our peds office for a pre-op was going to make us late for surgery, but we talked to Children's and they said they could be flexible since it's a very short procedure, but then our clinic got behind and I had to make some noise to get us seen and out the door, so we were running behind from the get go.

Neigh, Neigh, Oscar found a favorite in the waiting room! 

  Children's was wonderful and accommodating and I never even felt like we were late once we were in the door. We got him checked in and under. I hate anesthesia and watching your baby go to sleep is such an awful experience, I always just shudder and no matter how prepared I try to make myself, I always cry. The procedure itself was so quick I barely started my coffee when they were coming to tell me to come back. We did a lot of walking and snuggling for the first 45 minutes and then he recognized a toy from home and there was no holding him back! That brought all his jabbering back and the light back in his eyes so we got all the meds together and discharge instructions and we were off.
Back home and resting! 

He was very fussy and mama clingy on and off until late this morning, but seems to have turned a corner since nap time this afternoon and was running around the back yard with his brothers like nothing had happened!

yesterday's attempt to cure the fussy with Dilly Bars made for a peaceful half hour! 

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