Monday, April 29, 2013

18 months of amazing!

It's so hard to believe that we've gone from this:
the first time I got to hold all three
To this:
The day Victor came home (107 days old), our family all under one roof! 

To this: 

This totally captures their personalities at 6 months! 
 To this: 
1st birthday! 

2nd Christmas (14 months), 1st one at home! 
To this:
Our 18 month olds on the move!

I think back to that day that we were told was going to be their birthday and thinking there is no way this is going to be ok. It's just too early! Then they arrived and one by one each of them entered the world with a good loud cry and I realized those were their "It's ok mom" screams. It would be a few days before I could hear any of them again because of their intubation, but their was something in hearing those little lungs work in the first seconds after arrival that told me I would be chasing 18 month olds before I knew it and sure enough, we are on the run and loving every minute of it! 

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