Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Giving Back!

On June 1st, the boys and I and some other family members are going to walk to support the place and the people that supported us so much during their early, very tiny moments: Children's Hospital Neonatal programs. We are so very lucky to be so close to such an amazing hospital with incredible resources for the littlest humans that join us on the outside a little or a lot before their time. The most incredible part of Children's is how much they do to make the little world we build there a home for us and for our kiddos, no matter what we are going through or how long our stay. After more than 3 months of incredible care we were finally able to have all our babies in their real home, but we will never forget the place that proved to be the best place for our babies to come "home" to for the first couple of months of their lives. The people that helped us along the way from surgeons and doctors to social workers and family resource center employees gave our family a strong foundation and beyond any of those are the nurses. Our primary nurses were the most incredible, loving, supportive people we could have asked to have by our sides. I remember our ICC nurse being their with us on Christmas when Victor was really struggling and I thanked her for sharing her Christmas with us and told her to thank her children for sharing their mom with us on Christmas. It was so important on that day to have a nurse and a care team that really knew our boys and Katie felt like part of our family by that time so to have her there for Christmas made such an impact for this mama. Each of our boys also had their own incredible nurses in the NICU and Mary, Kris, Lori and Laurie made our stay there what it was in so many ways and we also can't forget the ICC's Christine who we didn't get to spend as much time with since she was nights, but she was sometimes the reason I felt I could go home without reservation. The list goes on lactation consultants, volunteers rocking and reading to babies, and more and more. If you would like to cheer us on in person or in spirit you can click on the link on the left side of the blog that says Baby Steps 3k or for those of you viewing this on a mobile appp I'll include the link here:

If you would like to join us in walking and fundraising click on the join team tab and sign up. If you would just like to help us support Children's click on "donate now" and that will be a huge help!

Either way there will be lots of cute pictures of these boys taking a little stroll to help out those who've helped us and a post about our adventure! 

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