Sunday, April 14, 2013

giggles, road trips and Easter Bunnies!

Since surgery is over and we're all settled in with our new eyes, I figured it was time for a lighthearted post! First, these boys have the best giggles in the world:



After giggling and relaxing for the day after surgery, we got to take a family road trip to visit my home town! 

I grew up near Madison, WI and the 4 1/2 hour drive was a bit daunting with three and then the times we had planned to make a go of it, we ended up with sick kiddos or bad weather so none of my extended family had met the boys, including their cousins (my sister's kids) We hit the road at bedtime and they did pretty good, there were a couple of stretches with sad kiddos, but not too bad on the road. Transitioning from car seat to sleeping in the pack n plays at Grandma's was a bit more of a challenge. I do not have those kids that you can pull out of their car seats like rag dolls and drop them still sleeping into their cribs. It took about 2 1/2 hours to get them all sleeping in their pack n plays-Victor is the star and was in and slept through the night 1/2 hour after we got their, the other boys were pretty sure they were up for the day when we arrived and it took a long time to settle in and neither of them ended up in their beds, but instead one each and seperate beds with Marty and I. 

Day 1 of the adventure:
Discovering mommy's (and before that grandma's) old chair!

Visiting the Curves ladies
Hanging with grandma at Curves

Eating dinner at Cousin Rye's 

More pics at dinner out! We love Rye! 
Day 2 adventures:
Happy boys on Saturday morning! 
Everybody slept all night so we were very happy! 
breakfast with Grandpa

the piano is still a hit!

and so is the chair...

and we found a really fun cave...

Lots of friends and family came to visit and we just played and played! 

We met and LOVED cousin Jori! 

Jori even liked our cave...

and gives great box rides

and knows how great it is to hang out with Grandma!

We did a great job on our first road trip and got home just in time for the Easter bunny. The Easter Bunny was very tired after a long drive the night before, so decided it was best to arrive during nap time. It was fun to see them each discover their baskets and have fun with the contents inside. Cadbury eggs were there by daddy's request and they had fun making a chocolaty mess!


Happy Spring Everyone! 

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