Sunday, March 24, 2013

Victor's Eyes

My sweet curly haired, cross eyed boy! 

So as I'm sure you've all noticed in pictures and videos over the last year, Victor's eyes are not exactly straight. In so many ways it's a part of his "look" so I can't imagine what he will look like when they are, but it's time to get them fixed. Right now we know that he sees double because he grabs at things next to where they are, and we are pretty sure he gets headaches from the eye strain in the evening. The two hours after bed time are often full of rocking and snuggling and soothing cries of pain. Last night it was much more than two hours and could have been teeth, too, but it breaks a mama's heart. We've been patching daily for the last year to no avail so he is scheduled to have eye muscle surgery on Tuesday morning. At our pre-op appointment with the eye doctor we were given a best case/worst case diagnosis heading into surgery. He is the best case as far as his actual vision goes, both eyes are independently still seeing perfectly! This is huge and makes the patching worth while even if it didn't help his muscles re align. On the crossing front he is the worst case though. They have to move the eye muscles as much as possible for a first surgery. Which means he has a 1/3 chance of having to have another surgery 6 months or so down the line to complete the correction. So we are thankful for his vision and hoping that the surgery is the best case scenario. The surgery is bright and early on Tuesday we have to be at Children's by 6 am and he should be in surgery by 7:30. I'll keep everyone updated on here, but, as always, we welcome healing thoughts and  prayers of any kind!


  1. Saw your dinner time video, and found a link to your blog. Wanted to let you know that I have had four eye-muscle surgeries in my life time. Ages 2 1/2, 9, 18 and then again at age 32. Wanted to let you know he will be just fine. The hardest part is opening your eyes after the surgery. Not because it hurts so much, but because of all eye matter. (eye boogers, sleep) The eyes are really not sore as they heal....they just "look sore" Putting the salve or eye drops in his eyes might be the most challenging. Not because it hurts, but because he might not want to sit still! =-) I am a mother of three young children myself, so I wanted to help with some of your worry. If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me: (I used to teach at Columbia Heights Elementary in Fridley, WI.) I notice you have connections there. You have three beautiful children!

    1. Thanks! It's nice to hear from someone whose been through it and I'll keep your e-mail in mind if I come across any questions. As for the Heights connection, I'm the art teacher at North Park and have been there 8 years, when were you there? I'm sure we've had colleagues in common, what a small world!