Sunday, March 10, 2013

Home, Sweet, Home

A couple of blog followers have let me know that I shared the nursery in progress and some in progress art work for the boys' room when I was still pregnant but never shared how the nursery turned out. I guess it kind of slipped my mind since the nursery was really put together when the boys were still in the hospital so my mind and therefore, the blog, was filled with bigger things than decor. Well, as I hung their growth chart, the latest piece of art for their room, I thought it would be a perfect time to share the room that is all O, M, and V, quite literally!

The color scheme

and the Inspiration

The design for their room began the morning of the day that triple pregnancy landed me in the hospital for the first time. The print in this picture is a collaborative piece of art made with a group of about 10 women that I took a summer workshop with at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts as we learned about creating a font (and I learned how uncomfortable stools are when you are 15 weeks pregnant with triplets) . I've always loved typography and it just so happened that the color that the teacher had us do our print in was one of the accent colors I planned to do for the nursery so this became their first piece of art and the place where the rest of the room grew out of.  The rocker in the picture was handed down to us by a very dear family to us whose children I rocked in the very same chair when I nannied for them years earlier; it's hard to believe that they are soon to be headed for Junior High, and 3rd grade! My sweet and very talented niece recovered the rocker to match our room and the color scheme was born. 

I planned to do a big pencil drawn initial over each of their beds, but the size got shifted when I got put on bed rest and instead of the large singular piece of art I created a wall collage of smaller V's, O's and M's for above each of their cribs while I laid bed. These, I shared in progress, but here they are on the wall.

Victor's V's

Oscar's O's

Mylo's M's

The rest of the room was all about color adding pieces with lime green, turquoise  and brown to accent the bright orange walls brought together a room that was full of life for little boys who were sure to bring bright spirits to the space!
Oscar begins the tour saying, "this is where Victor and I sleep... 

and here's where we keep all our diapers and used to get diapers changed before we became super squirmy wormies"

Oscar continues the tour saying "here's our bookshelf and our growth chart...
and this is Mylo's side of the room"

So for those that had asked long ago how the nursery turned out, there is the very long overdue answer. I love it and I hope my boys do too!

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