Saturday, February 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home

The day has finally come and my whole family has been under one roof now for 1 week and what a week it has been! 107 days after their birth, Victor joined us at home and ended a long, hard and amazing journey at Children's. Our week has been uneventful, albeit sleepless, and that is a beautiful thing. We are working on getting a good schedule now that the hospital isn't in the mix and the boys are falling into it for the most part so we're really hopeful, yet realistic, that nights with good sleep are just around the corner. It's been a joy to get up in the morning and play with all of my boys and not worry about when the first two will fall asleep so I can get to the third and with them all home and napping, I've even been able to get a couple of naps in this week. They are staying awake more during the day now, too, which has been really fun watching them interact with the world around them. As we get settled in, I'll get a better post up that shares a day in the life of a triplet family at home, but for now, here we all are on the best day yet! 

from left to right: Oscar, Mylo and Victor

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  1. LOVE your first family photo of all 5 of you at home Ariane. Very sweet. :)