Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 months and GROWING!

Today, as I sat and snuggled Oscar close, I was reading the blog of a new triplet family who are just starting their long journey at Children's. Their mother had posted pictures of their first kangaroo cares and I saw those sweet little babes that fit on one shoulder, with space for more. I looked down at Oscar who now stretches all the way down to my lap and that's with his legs curled up a bit and couldn't believe how far we've come in four very long, yet very short months! My 2 pounders are now all almost 10 pounds (Victor-9lb 13 oz, Oscar 9lb 7 oz, and Mylo 9 lb 15oz) and have really started to become a part of the world around them. We are enjoying the boys frequent and genuine smiles and their intent focus on each other or us when they have a chance to just sit and watch. Here's a bit of an update on our BIG 4 month old boys!

Victor has really thrived at home and there is no question it was time for him to be out of that hospital. He is very intent on focusing on everything he can possibly take in and often that means he has a goofy cross-eyed look (for now it's funny and totally normal developmentally). He is quiet most of the time, but likes to let us know that he's around if he's been in one place too long and will occasionally have a little cooing to do, too. I haven't been able to catch his talking on video yet since every time I get the camera out he thinks it's so fascinating that he worries more about looking at the camera than talking! He is growing bigger each day and any fears about him eating have disappeared. He downs his bottles right alongside his brothers and is now breastfeeding like a champ, too! This is of course making him rounder (yeah!) and with that it is becoming more and more of a challenge to keep the ostomy bags on (boo!) so the poor little guy has to go through at least daily bag changes and the pediatric home service that supplies us coming to our door with new supplies constantly! He is also still on an apnea monitor, but we had our download to determine if he still needs it yesterday, so we're waiting for the verdict and keeping our fingers crossed that we get to go wireless today...

Oscar had a rough start to the month, as his hernia was causing him quite a lot of pain with gas getting trapped, so he would be napping quietly and all the sudden you'd hear a gurgle, he'd arch and bend and then scream out in pain. It was awful! When we left the hospital they had told us that their was no rush to get the repair surgery done, but with it causing him so much pain there was no waiting and we scheduled the surgery for last week Wednesday. By the time we got to surgery, he often had that glassy eyed look that you see when kiddos just don't feel good and he spent most of his time with a very serious furrowed brow. It was heartbreaking. Since the surgery he has been recovering without any complications and yesterday morning marked one of the greatest moments of motherhood to date. As we were sitting on the floor playing (like we do every morning), Oscar joined in chattering and smiling with his brothers as we looked at toys. He was finally feeling better and my serious little guy got to relax and have some fun!!! He has these amazing blue eyes and to see them accompanied by a smile was breathtaking!

Mylo is by far our most easygoing and laid back little guy (most of the time) and his personality reflects the smoother path he's traveled. He is full of smiles and coos all the time and has many stories to tell. It is truly a delight to play with him each morning. He's a great eater and a good napper. He's very content just about anywhere and loves looking up at the birds on their play mat or watching the ceiling fan. Marty might disagree with this description of Mylo if it weren't for weekends since this Mylo disappears at about 6 at night and the witching hour begins! At this point we only want to be held and walked or we let out a squeal like no other. Once we survive this though, we get rewarded with the best sleeper of the house as Mylo will sleep for 6 hours after their last feeding around 8 and even once he slept straight through until 6 am. If we could get his brothers on board, we'd be doing great!

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  1. LOVE the update Ariane and I'm so excited to hear all 3 boys are doing great! It's neat to hear that they're interacting with each other and exploring new things with their toys and around the house.