Monday, January 16, 2012

Mile 20

We have reached a big milestone. Our boys are oficially past their due date which means the medical community no longer sees them as  "negative” in age. Today we are 12 weeks old or 2 days adjusted. All of the boys are showing us that they are really here now. Oscar took off rolling over late last week, and Mylo is grabbing on to things, and Victor is sitting here breathing room air as we speak! We are all making strides in the right direction which is a huge relief.

This has by far been the longest stretch of our journey (aka the most tears from mama). It's really hard leaving them in either direction and I always feel like I'm in the wrong place, but I have to trust my instincts and keep some words of advice from a former NICU multiple mom in mind, "go where the need is greatest." This changes day by day and hour by hour, but it helps me know that I'm doing what is best.  I've decided that where we are now with two home and one here at Children's is like Mile 20 in the marathons I've run. You've gone too far to give up but the wall you have hit seems insurmountable. I know from my training that I need to get to mile 23, that's where you get that final wind that makes the finish fun (and possible). I've never run a race I didn't finish and this one will not be any different, except the reward will be a whole lot greater than a finisher medal and a long sleeve t-shirt!

Playmat time for Victor:

Mylo grabs on:

Oscar rolls over


  1. Congrats on the milestone Ariane, that's wonderful! :) The boys are really growing and changing now, I can't believe all of the physical strides Oscar and Mylo are performing already, that's fantastic! And Victor will be joining his brothers at home and accomplishing those same things soon. I think your friend gave you some great advice when you're torn between being home and being at the hospital, "going where the need is greatest" makes perfect sense. Hang in there mama and just keep running the reward at the end of this journey will your three little guys at home will be worth all of the tears, fears and excitement along the way! :)

  2. What amazing growth these little guys have gone through over the last 3 months! To see Victor doing those big movements - and to hear he's breathing on his own now - is incredible! I can't even imagine how hard 2 at home and 1 still in the hospital is, I think your analogy using the marathon is perfect. You are such a strong woman, Ariane, and your boys are so blessed to have such an incredible Mama. Remember that there are many of us out in internet land rooting for all of you, and sending much love and hope your way.