Monday, August 8, 2011

I spoke too soon..

Apparently I should have knocked on wood after I wrote that post about our "uneventful week" in pregnancy land as the last 24 have not been that...

So R and I were off to register for the little munchkins and I wasn't feeling my best, but nothing too strange just a little sore back. Well, that sore back got progressively worse as we managed to register for bottles, breast feeding supplies, and a bathtub...that's as far as we made it before that oh too familiar pain that sent me to the hospital a couple of weeks ago crept in and then the hot flash and then the mad dash for the Babies R Us bathroom. So much for our morning of fun zapping all the cute little goodies for our babies. The good side is since I knew what it was this time, I got to weigh the need for pain management against the side effects of pain management so I called the perinatologist on call and she agreed it was ok for me to rest through it at home as long as the pain didn't get worse so yesterday became a day of rest and I'm feeling much better today, but still worn out since eating is not very appealing when I go through these spells so the babies get all the nutrients I can muster and I get stuck with the leftovers.

While resting I've created a little "Ode to my Ovaries"

My dear ovaries, we are so grateful you decided to kick it into high gear and do your job once and for all, 
in fact you did better than we ever could have hoped! 
I'd really be ever so much more grateful if you faded into the background now that you are done. 
We are granting you a very long vacation,
Make that retirement, you did your job so well you are simply no longer needed and it's time for you to rest! 

Any of my music teacher friends who are following along, you can feel free to let me know if I failed at the requirements of an "ode." At any rate, they do seem to be listening and calming back down so I'm hoping to avoid a hospital stay this time around and hoping that the hyperstimulation is soon a thing of the past. I'd really like to focus on the growing babies instead of fertility treatment leftovers!

In better news, we have another appointment tomorrow so I get to see the little beaners again and am hoping for a great report that points me towards starting the school year off without any restrictions....

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