Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big News today!

Boys and girls, we've got a boy, a boy and a wouldn't cooperate! Hopefully on the 23rd we'll get to know that one for sure too. The ultrasound tech guessed boy for that one too, but the umbilical cord was right where the girl or boy parts are so we couldn't be certain that it was really the goods or the cord! They didn't print any pics today so you'll have to wait a couple weeks to see a glimpse of our wiggly ones, but their heart rates are all good and I'm feeling much better, too. We're going to give that registry a shot again tonight, too! It's going to be harder not to start buying now that we now what's in there...almost.


  1. Whoa, I'm impressed that you haven't already bought anything! I'm pretty sure I started purchasing within 24 hours of finding out about Elliott and a month after finding out about Judah. Definitely get to work on that registry Ariane, there are ppl out in internetland who want to buy you stuff!

  2. Wren-Oh I've certainly made my share of little purchases, but being a green minded mama and having soooo many friends calling with a hand me down this or that since we're kind of last in line for parenthood among our friends I don't want to buy too much new until I know what we can borrow and reuse. The babies do already have a good library started though since I can't pass up a good book!

  3. One boy!! Whoo hoo! So exciting!