Sunday, August 7, 2011

17 weeks

This has been a quiet week in pregnancy land, aside from the fact that I keep getting bigger (rapidly) there's not a whole lot going on! We had our last getaway for the foreseeable future going up North with Marty's family to a cabin which was a really nice relaxing time. I also got to see my aunt and uncle and their boys who live in that direction as well. The car ride proved to be a bit much on the hips and the back though so, like I said, last get away for a while!

Here's a shot of Marty's favorite find from our trip:

I also attended my first Moms of Multiples meeting this week which I have to say was completely overwhelming---I guess our life is going to change and stuff, but by the end my head was swimming so I didn't really come away with anything practical except the name of THE pediatrician I apparently want for our trio. They are amazing, supportive women though and now that the shock has worn off I'm sure future meetings will leave me in less of a cloud!

Today, I'm off to register with one of my best friends which I'm sure will be another overwhelming task...I usually make it about 5 steps into Babies R Us before I get completely overwhelmed and walk back out the door empty handed and go buy whatever a friend had on their Target registry instead. This time I apparently have to stick it out since rumor has it our house isn't quite baby ready yet!

With that I leave you with the 17 week belly:

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  1. I love both of these pictures, Ariane - especially the top one. It's so cute. It's amazing how much your belly's growing with triplets!