Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh don't I wish I knew!

So after almost 5 days in the hospital we are still waiting for answers so the answer to what brings me here today is: "Oh don't I wish I knew!" On Friday I had a lovely day taking an art class at the Minnesota Center for Books Arts and was really excited about all the new ideas I had to take away but about a half hour before the class was about to be done I started to get really uncomfortable and think, "well sitting on a stool all day hunched over with three little buggers growing inside is probably the cause, so I cut out a few minutes early figuring I'd feel better once I got moving, well the car ride home proved to be even more uncomfortable and suddenly discomfort became pain which became vomiting (thanks Marty for cleaning out my car and Monica for doing my laundry) so off to the ER we headed to get to the bottom of this. Well, since then we've heard about kidney stones and ovarian torsion and hyperstimulation and gall bladder problems. Problem is that none of these things were showing up on any tests to it seemed my pain was a bit better and home we went Saturday afternoon...for about 3 hours before we were heading back with the same double me over side pain that started this all in the first place. The one thing we do know is that the babies are OK! What's wrong with mom, well that is still a mystery so here I sit with my trusty IV and wait for someone to solve our little puzzle. There was a whole team meeting over our case today so I'm hoping that means that the doctor on rounds comes with a teams worth of answers to make up for the very answerless week we've had so far. Hospital rooms certainly seem like they shrink with the increasing number of minutes you spend in them.

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