Wednesday, July 13, 2011

50 years of worry ahead of you...

So we do have a few answers and maybe a ticket out of the hospital tonight, although I'm not counting on it until I get it, but right when I felt like we were getting to the bottom of things babies decided to send out a distress signal and send mama off worrying. Well, we've since gotten an u/s and it looks like the babies are still doing just fine. One of them is measuring 13 weeks 3 days, one 13 weeks 6 days and the other 14 weeks. Their heartbeats are 154, 160 and 163. All good as we are 13 weeks 4 days. When I called my mom to give her the update that all is looking good, but "I don't know if I can handle all the worry for the next 20 or so weeks" my mom responded quite wisely: "You think it ends there. You're going to be a parent, you have 50 years of worry in front of you, what do you think I was doing all day today waiting for your update?" She's very right, there will always be something to worry about, but I have to remember there will also always be something to be proud of, always be something to laugh about, always be something to be excited about to hug and  to hold onto. These babies bring plenty of worry, but a whole lot more love and excitement that make every worry worth it! Now no more distress signals little ones, mama needs a little break!


  1. Ariane,

    I am so so so thrilled for you and Marty, and for all *THREE* of your little ones! While obviously I've never been pg with multiples, I have several friends that have (one with triplets), and most of them involved hospital time at some point.
    Your Mom gives good advice, as nerve wracking as it is now, with three 2-year olds you'll be able to triple it - and of course you'll have triple the joy and love and sweet toddler kisses to balance it out. I am so glad you have this blog, and so excited to read your updates!

    Lots of love to you, Marty, and the Alphabet Crew (A,B, and C of course!)

  2. Hey Ariane so excited for you guys and will be following your blog! We would be happy to lend a helping hand when needed don't be afraid to ask! We also have tons of baby stuff I'm happy to send your way! I will be keeping up with your progress. Lots of love to all of u

  3. Wren-Thanks! The alphabet crew and company are happy to have a great cheering section to get them here safe and sound without too much worry!

  4. Jadesmn-Thanks for the offer! I'm sure we will be looking for helping hands and baby gear when this all comes closer...