Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A late 25 week post!

Saturday marked 25 weeks and our baby shower! This was wonderful, but it's taken me a couple of days to recover from all the visitors and partying! As far as pregnancy and babies go, the 25th week was uneventful. I've continued to do my job of laying low and the babies have got a new habit of having a 3am dance party, but they are staying put which means I'll let them wiggle all they want, whenever they want. I've decided I'm growing my very own b-boy crew!

The shower was wonderful and my dear friends J and R did a fabulous job of getting me all set up with food and drink in a recliner so I could enjoy the friends and family and get out of the house and still follow the rules! Our friends and family are incredibly generous and I'm amazed at our overflowing nursery. I, unfortunately had baby brain and forgot to get a camera to anyone, so I have a couple of photos that friends took, but not too many.

Reclining like a good bed-rester

preemie cake! seriously the cutest little clothes you've ever laid eyes on...super great idea J and S!

Vintage high chair my brother in law recovered to match our kitchen!

Thanks  so much to everyone for making 25 weeks very special and a little extra thanks to my mom, sister and mother in law for putting up with my telling them what to do to get a good start on washing and organizing all the babies' gear!


  1. Wow! Absoultely LOVE the high chair. That's so cool! Happy to hear your shower was so great and that you have lots of things for the boys once they make their debut.

  2. My sister in law is an estate sale goddess and my brother in law did a fabulous job....now to hunt for a couple more like this! I think that will be a job for next summer!