Saturday, June 1, 2013

Doing our part!

Dressed up in our Team Uniform ready to go! 

This morning we participated in our first Baby Steps 3K in support of Children's Neonatal programs and had  a great time. I've stood at many starting lines over the years, but as I stood among that crowd getting ready to walk it was struck me how incredible this crowd was. It was full of families who shared that common experience of having to share their babies' first weeks or months with the team of incredible caregivers that is Children's Hospital. I'm so very grateful to that team and am glad we were able to give back. This starting line wasn't about the race, it was about being there, alive, growing thriving and doing our part to make sure the families that come after us can have the same amazing beginnings that our families were given. Our team "Love Multiplied" raised $555. Thanks so much to all who donated, to Leslie, Paul and their twins for joining us in the walk and fundraising and both the grandmas, grandpa Norm and Aunt Evelyn and cousin Gavin for walking with us. The boys had fun getting out and seeing some new scenery and each one even got out of the stroller to do a little walking of their own. Here's a little glimpse of our morning

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