Monday, April 2, 2012

FIVE MONTHS?! Really?!

Time has surely flown and I can't believe I have 5 month old babies. We're having a blast as they grow and interact more and more each day! It's fun to hear them jabber away even if their most common word is "Ahgoo". I love the sound of all of their voices and we are lucky enough to have very happy babies all around. Don't get me wrong, they let us know when they are ready to eat or tired and ready for bed, but for the most part they enjoy smiling and talking and playing when they aren't sleeping. Here are my sweet 5 month old boys:

Oscar is our man on the move (if you remember back to our isolette days, this is nothing new). He will squirm and wiggle from morning until night and when you're ready to put him down for a nap he likes to squirm while rocking and after a bit of squirming and rocking he has this very resigned sigh that says "I suppose I have to sleep now, fine" and then the eyes finally get glassy and out he goes. He's full of smiles especially when he's wailed bloody murder to get you to come in and check on him during nap or night time and then the minute you head to pick him up out of his crib--GIANT smile (you know, the "I got you" smile). Oscar's blue eyes will capture your heart a thousand times over.
Mylo is our chunky monkey and rarely will he be the last to eat and when he's done he loves to play! Mylo is a HUGE fan of the playmat and loves batting at the hanging toys, his arms just go and go and go! When he's not hungry, Mylo is pretty mellow and just likes to lay and play. Mylo has a great smile complete with a perfect dimple on his right cheek, it used to be a rare treat to catch that smile, but he shares it freely now and it's so fun to watch. He also loves to tell stories. Mylo's super cheeks continue to win my heart and reassure me when I'm worried whether they are getting enough to eat! 
Victor is our most patient little man and still loves to just sit back and observe the world around. He is getting more and more vocal by the minute though and I believe that every noise that comes out of his mouth is a carefully chosen word full of meaning. Even his cries sound like words, complaining words, but words nonetheless. That said, those cries aren't very common and his smiles are whole body smiles. Today, I was reading a story that I read to him every day we were in the hospital. It had been a while and I didn't look down at him until a couple of pages in and he was just beaming, I guess he missed hearing that familiar story because he certainly enjoyed it today! There's no way you can miss a Victor smile because it beams with every muscle in his body. 


  1. Awe. What a great update Ariane. I can't believe your three handsome little dudes are 5 months already. Wow! I love hearing how each of their personalities are developing and learning of their latest milestones. How fun!
    I'm posting from my phone but this is from Erin V. ;)

  2. You're my hero. I can barely handle one!