Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 sleeping babies

I'm sitting in Victor's room after a quick check confirmed that I do in fact have three sleeping babies* (although I believe I'm hearing Oscar stirring in the room next door) and since this is a rare occurrence with them all on different feeding schedules, I thought I'd try to get in an update with a couple of pics, too!

The boys are all doing well. We had a big day last Sunday, Nov 27thm  and graduated from the NICU and are now officially ICC (Infant Care Center) patients. This came as a big surprise for us since we were told on Saturday that they would start looking for 3 beds together and within an hour we found out that they were, in fact, available. I, of course, melted into a puddle of tears when hearing about the move (both happy-we're closer to home, and sad-we're leaving our NICU family tears) and Marty was just baffled by his crying wife. He just kept saying, "I don't get it, this is good, right?" and of course he was right and we had lessons in "you don't have to get it, you just have to hug me." At any rate here are our little geniuses in their very cool NICU graduation hats from one of our favorite primary nurses, Kris...

As we've made our transition to the new unit we are getting to enjoy our family outside of their isolettes as they have all gotten to move into cribs. This has been one of my favorite milestones, it is worlds better when I can just pick up my boys and snuggle whenever they need attention and it's so much easier to change diapers and get them dressed. The first step in the move is getting them all bundled up in their isolettes with the temperature off and making sure they can maintain their temperature.

Oscar all bundled showing he's got what it takes for his crib move:

and all moved in:

Mylo ready to go:

and making the move:

and Victor all moved in (he got moved in without pictures because he was such a champ with his temp he had to move before I got back from dinner since he was overheating!)

We've also gotten to start getting cuddles from grandma:

and real big boy baths:

All in all, we are all doing really well. Oscar is just down to figuring out how to eat by mouth and he'll be headed home and he's getting the hang of it so it shouldn't be too long! (I'm hoping to have him be the best Christmas present ever). Victor and Mylo are still on oxygen and have troubles with desaturating their blood oxygen levels when they get full tummies so it will be a bit longer for them. Victor has a few added little issues that continue including facing his follow up surgery, having some troubles with his metabolism because of his hypothyroidism and the absorption issues that come from only having part the intestine doing it's job. The boys all had their second round of preemie eye exams that look for Retinopathy of Prematurity (a condition concerning the blood vessels in the eyes of preemies that can cause vision loss) and both Oscar and Victor have Stage 1 ROP which typically corrects itself with age, but they will be followed with biweekly eye exams until it wither improves (hopefully) or worsens. If it worsens, there is a laser surgery to treat the condition so we're hoping for better next time! Aside from all the medical issues, all the boys are getting to be so much more alert and spend a lot more time awake and aware. It's really fun to watch their little personalities forming and I can't wait to see them all in the same room! 

Here are a few more pictures of our fun with the little men:
Mylo taking a snooze with dad

Mylo with all the tape off his face!

Oscar and dad with Oscar's favorite fish face

Snuggles with Victor

Mom's a little tired...

Visits from aunts and uncles 

and special great-grandmas

Victor peeking

Oscar snuggles
*this blog post may have started in Victor's room with 3 sleeping babies, but that was three days ago and as I had predicted Oscar was stirring and the remainder of the post has happened during the brief moments that all three boys are asleep over the course of three days...Hopefully we'll work towards a feeding schedule that doesn't leave them all sleeping at different times before they come home or mom and dad will truly be zombies (happy to have them home zombies, but zombies nonetheless) in no time!


  1. They are looking so much bigger already, Ariane! I swear each of your blog posts makes me tear up because I'm so happy for you as your boys reach new milestones and get closer to coming home. I hope you get that wonderful Christmas present!

  2. This is such wonderful news! I love their little graduation caps, it sounds like Kris was a truly wonderful nurse!
    Thank you so much for updating, I'm sure everything is extremely busy for you with 3 little guys needing your time, but it's so wonderful to read about you and Marty and your darling babies.
    Here's hoping you have a fantastic little Oscar bundle in your arms with you at Christmas time!

    Much love and many hugs,
    Wren, Joe, and Judah

  3. Ahh they look so grown up already. Love the pictures! Sounds like those boys are working hard to get home! Hope you guys get some rest

  4. they're so beautiful Ariane! Brings tears to my eyes reading about them. I can't wait to meet them when the time comes. Hugs to you!