Friday, November 18, 2011

The boys in action!

Almost a month old and growing big and strong. Here's a little taste of life in the isolette for our little men...





  1. Awe. Ariane. Those videos are just too precious! I love how all three of them respond to your voice, and touch and they know you're there for them. So cute! Thank you for sharing and have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. They are absolutely darling Ariane! Thank you so much for giving us a peek into their little world. The way they respond to you is so amazing, I love how right when you asked Oscar about opening his eyes he popped them open, like "Okay Mommy!". Judah watched these with me, and requested the videos over and over - he seems particularly interested in Victor, and said he was a "nice baby". I can't wait to hear more about how they're doing when you have a chance. Thanks for keeping us all updated!

    Much love to you all,
    Wren, Joe, and Judah